What is required when Cleaning Timber Shutters?

When Cleaning Timber Shutters It is important to remember that interior timber plantation shutters are an interior product, and thus exposing them via an open window to the weather will impact on their longevity with regards to durability.  Warranty’s on interior timber shutters are void when they are exposed to the weather, particularly rain.cleaning timber shutters

To clean your interior shutters, we recommend a soft damp rag followed by a dry rag.  A micro-fibre cloth is excellent.  We do not recommend any cleaning solutions, and definitely do not use anything abrasive.  Should something stronger than water be required, we recommend a mild dishwash detergent, extremely diluted.  Should the shutters have a mark such as crayon, we recommend a small bit of “gumption” used sparingly.  With correct care and non-exposure direct to the weather, timber shutters way outlast any other internal window covering.