Shutters are stylish and practical window treatments that keep the elements from ruining the furniture and transform the appearance of any dwelling. With both interior and exterior shutters available in timber and synthetic materials, and a range of colours and finishes, there is no window or door opening that can’t be improved.

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Of course, none of this will matter if the shutters are covered in grime. With so much variety available in shutter products, when it comes time to clean them, many clients are confused about what method is suitable. The good news is that they won’t need a dozen different products, as just a couple of cleaning methods will suit most shutters.

We manufacture shutters from our facility in South East Queensland, using the highest quality materials including western red cedar, aluminium, vinyl and synthetics. Our customers often ask about cleaning methods when they place their order, and we can confidently assure them that products made by Newport Custom Shutters are durable and low maintenance.

All Shutters Love the Vacuum Cleaner

All shutters will keep that brand new look for much longer if they are cleaned regularly right from the day they are first installed. The easiest way to do this is with the humble vacuum cleaner. Once a week, using the upholstery brush attachment that came with the cleaner, run the vacuum over the blinds, first with the blades closed, and then with them open, brushing between to remove any dust.

Keep Water to a Minimum on Timber Shutters

Shutters with a thicker dust build up will still respond well to the vacuum cleaner treatment. What comes next will depend on the type of material. Timber shutters can be wiped over with a damp cloth but should not be saturated, as the timber can warp. Areas that are stained should be cleaned with furniture polish, which will also give them a shine.

Plastic and Vinyl Easy to Clean

Warm water, liquid detergent and a soft cloth is all that plastic and vinyl shutters need after a “once over” with the vacuum cleaner. These materials are the easiest to clean and maintain and they can be left to air dry. For stubborn dirt stuck in tight spots, a toothbrush is an efficient and inexpensive tool. For external shutters, a hose down with a detergent brush will work a treat, but wipe them dry to remove water marks.

Aluminium Takes Top Marks for Durability

Aluminium shutters are very durable, especially for dwellings near the ocean where corrosion by salt water is a real problem. An occasional dusting is normally all that is needed to keep them clean and looking great.

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping everything in your home looking bright and inviting. This includes keeping dirt at bay with a regular cleaning regime that does not have to be complicated, or difficult.