There is nothing as simple as colour for changing the look of your interior décor, and conversely, there is nothing as difficult if you have no eye for matching colours that go well together. For some people this seems to be a natural gift, but for others it is a constant struggle. A new colour scheme for a particular room that should have been a transformation can end up being a disappointment.

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Is Colour Matching Difficult for You?

If this sounds like you, struggle no longer and use colour charts produced by paint suppliers, or search the internet for similar ideas. These are all developed by decorating experts so you know when you start your project that it will end well, and be an asset to your home. If choosing the right colours in accessories such as blinds, rugs and cushions is also a chore, again, use their expertise to get everything just right.

Use Colour to Create Illusions

Colour used carefully in a room can change your mood, create illusions of space and light and draw the eye to a particular feature. It is especially important to get the right colour shades into your window dressings. Many a perfect colour scheme has been spoilt by a clash of colours when blinds or curtains do not suit the rest of the décor.

Get the Newest, Most Fashionable Colour Shades

This is something we are mindful of at Newport Custom Shutters and we do our best to assist our customers by offering multiple colour choices in our range of shutters, Venetians and roller blinds. We call on colour experts to advise us regarding new shades coming into the market, and those that are disappearing from favour. Our products are always available in the latest and most fashionable colour shades.

A good example is the louvre blades in our synthetic Venetians. They are available painted or stained in a range of colours to blend with the rest of your furnishings and wall colours. From dusky, warm shades to light, cool blends, we offer the most up-to-date selections from across the colour spectrum.

Understanding Warm and Cool Colours

Understanding a little about the difference between warm and cool shades will help you when choosing colours. As their names suggest, warm colours suggest heat and sunshine while cool colours invoke thoughts of blue skies and the ocean. Warm colours advance, so they make a large room seem more intimate, while cool colours have the opposite effect.

This flows through to the colours you choose for your Venetians. If your room has a cool theme, then you should choose cool colours for the blades so that there is no interruption to the overall effect. It is the same principle for warm colours. If you keep this in mind, the result will be sensational.