Basswood is a strong, hardwood timber with fluted mortice and tenon joints.  By laminating the timber, utilising reverse grain technology, Basswood timber shutters are made to be stronger and lighter than all other timber and synthetic products, second only to Western Red Cedar.  This lightweight construction and extra strength allows our premium Basswood shutters the ability to span longer widths and higher distances, without the need for extra framing or mid-rails.

As a shutter manufacturer of 30 years, Newport Shutters has the experience and industry knowledge to provide only the best Basswood timber products available.



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Specialty ShapesSpecialty Shapes

Shutter panels can be made to suit a variety of shapes including;
portholes, raked, archways and sunbursts.


Louvre Blade Width and ProfileLouvre Blade Width and Profile

Hardwood Shutter Louvre Sizes



Traditionally mounted in the centre of the panel – side mount, or concealed tiltbars are also popular choices – allowing easier cleaning and a less interrupted view.

Available in centre, side or concealed mounts.



Available in painted and stained finishes – in a range of standard colours. Complete polyurethane system gives a superior finish.