Now that you have decided to update your window treatments, you may already have some ideas about the type of coverings you prefer. Of course, cost is always a major consideration, as the old saying “a champagne taste on a beer budget” comes to mind. Life is all about compromise and it can be a fun challenge to get the look you are after at the price you can afford.

Keep Everything Affordable

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This leads into the next point to think about. When you are redoing your windows, make sure that what you have chosen fits in with your existing décor. It would not look good if the new blinds or shutters clashed with everything else in the room. To redecorate just because you changed the window treatment could be expensive.

Avoid Disasters with Upfront Planning

A little planning upfront will avoid these problems. Before you set your heart on any particular product, stand back and look objectively at the room in question. You will need to consider the colours on the walls, the type and colour of the floor coverings and the furniture pieces. If you find this difficult, ask a friend with style and taste to help you.

Is there a particular theme running through the room such as a country cottage look, a sleek, modern style or a traditional, classic look? The range of window treatments we manufacture at Newport Custom Shutters would suit any of these and many other styles.

Choose Plantation Shutters for Versatility

Take, for example, our range of plantation shutters. This versatile product works well in a room with a relaxed vibe, but is equally at home in an elegant, minimalist setting. It is the wide range of colours and finishes that enables this versatility. Available in painted, stained, limed, oiled or clear lacquered finishes, the range of colours suits any decorating style.

Venetians Fit in Anywhere

Venetians are a timeless classic that blend in anywhere. Our venetians are available in many finishes and colours, and four different widths, enabling them to fit into any decorating theme. If the furniture and décor demands a strong window treatment, then the 84mm blade Venetian is a good choice. For something lighter and more delicate, the thin 50mm blades would be worth a look.

Want an Alternative? Go Roller Blinds!

Modern roller blinds are light, elegant and look sensational on large windows to show off a view. The simplicity of their design means they are suited to almost any interior décor. Ours come in a wide range of colours, textures and fabrics, so if you are unsure of what to choose, these could be the best option. When you have made your decision, contact us for a quote.