Western Red Cedar plantation shutters

The timber of choice for our Australian-made plantation shutters is Western Red Cedar, sourced from the vast forest plantations of British Columbia, Canada.

Western Red Cedar is a fully renewable timber with far less impact on the environment than the making of synthetic or aluminium shutters.

Western Red Cedar has many benefits over other timber species for the manufacturing of plantation shutters. Its overall stability and the resistance to warping or bowing is a cut above all other timbers.  It is also an very good thermal insulator. Thermal insulation is the method used to prevent or reduce the flow of heat. This is a very important trait for plantation shutters, because good thermal insulators help keep buildings cool in summer and warm in winter.  Western Red Cedar is much better than other timber species because of its thermal properties. It is, in fact, far better than plastics, aluminium, even brick or concrete 

Western Red Cedar is not affected by the sun, heat, moisture, steam or humidity like other timber species. This timber can be used inside or outside the building.  It is very light in weight so it is easily folded. Its naturally straight grain gives rigidity. Therefore the ability to span a much greater distance, unsupported, is better than timber species such as resin, composites, and plastics   These shutters are easy cleaned compared to plastic or aluminium shutters as they only need a regular dust and a light vacum or wipe over with a damp cloth or a micro-fibre cloth. Read more about cleaning here. Western Red Cedar will improve the look of any room as it adds a warm colour and ambience. You have full control over room lighting, airflow and privacy while reducing furniture and flooring fade. Read more about Western Red Cedar plantation shutters here.

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