Opening up our homes to the outdoors is one of the characteristics of the Australian lifestyle, but it comes with some challenges. Insect screens are essential to keep out the moths, mosquitoes and other irritating bugs, but controlling the amount of heat we invite into our homes through our lifestyle is not so simple.

Beat the Heat Without Increasing your Energy Costs

Ceiling fans and air-conditioning are common to make our interiors more liveable, but this comes at a cost to our wallets and the environment. In summer, much of the electricity generated from our power stations is used by the hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses, shopping centres, hospitals and office buildings, amongst others, to cool their premises.

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We can still have the comfort of fans and air-conditioning without the heavy cost, however, by first reducing the amount of heat coming into our dwellings. The most cost-effective way of doing this is by installing shutters and blinds to those windows and doors bearing the brunt of the summer sun. At the Newport Custom Shutters facility in South East Queensland we manufacture blinds and shutters to suit local conditions.

Experienced Consultants Offer Valuable Advice

Our service includes consultation, measuring and installation, all conducted by our experienced staff. It is during this consultation process that we are able to advise our clients on the best types of blinds or shutters to reduce heat transfer through the glass windows and doors. We also ask relevant questions; for example, we may recommend a full block-out blind for a western facing window if the occupant is a shift worker and needs to sleep through the heat of the day.

Unprotected Glass Transfers Heat to the Interior

Keeping as much sun as possible off the glass during the hottest part of the day is the key to lowering the temperature inside. Unprotected windows and glass doors transfer the heat quickly, and even the shade of a large tree, while providing some relief, is not enough on its own to keep the internal temperature comfortable.

Plantation Shutters Adjust for Optimum Shade and Light – Repel Heat

Our plantation shutters are our premium product and are perfect for this climate. Western red cedar has superior thermal qualities making it the perfect material for keeping the heat out in summer and the cold in winter. It is also lightweight, allowing it to span large spaces without interrupting the view with distracting mid-rails.

The louvre blades are fully adjustable, letting in just the right amount of light to keep the interior looking bright and airy, without the oppressive temperatures. Available from our factory in a range of colours and finishes, they look sensational and add value to any property.

Combine Fans, Shutters and Blinds to Reduce Costs

With the right combination of ceiling fans and the best in shutters and blinds, your expensive-to-run air conditioning units should only be necessary on the worst of days. This will save you hundreds of dollars each year in energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, which is good for everyone.