Every property owner in Australia knows the effect that our harsh climate has on the exteriors of their homes and businesses. The country is geographically large and spans a number of climate zones. Any product made for the outdoors will need to withstand extreme heat and cold, tropical downpours, cyclones, high humidity, dry and arid conditions, snow, ice and anything else Nature can produce.

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Exterior Products Need to be Hardy to Withstand our Climate

Australian manufacturers are aware of this and counter these effects in a number of ways, one of which is to cover exterior products such as fencing wire, roofing, fence panels and many other products, including shutters, with a high tensile coating, which should also be lead free. The toxic effects of lead are well known and while it is still used here, that use is limited by federal legislation and various Australian Standards that set out procedures for its control.

Newport Custom Shutters manufacture a complete range of shutters, blinds and awnings at our modern facility in South East Queensland. With over 25 years’ experience and through developing our own research programs, our customers are now reaping the benefits of advances in paint and finish applications, and the other components in our range.

Composite Shutters Ideal for Wet Areas

We are one of the manufacturers who have had to adapt our products to suit the climate here. Take, as one example, our range of composite shutters. These are made using a synthetic material that is well suited to wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, but this quality also makes them suitable for balconies that have some exposure to the elements.

High Tensile Coating Resistant to the Elements

We use a high tensile coating, which simply means the point at which the various materials used in the manufacturing process are very resistant to breaking down. As mentioned earlier, this coating is lead free to protect our customers from the adverse effect of lead poisoning.

Effects of Lead on the Body

When lead is absorbed into the body it affects the nervous system and is especially damaging to the cognitive development of babies and young children. Excessive amounts of lead in the body can cause death. By using a lead-free, high tensile coating on our shutters, we are providing our customers with a product that has two essential attributes.

Lead-free and Tough – the Perfect Shutter Product

The absence of lead means they are safe for installation into their homes and businesses. The high-tensile coating provides the protection needed to ensure the shutters last for many years, looking just as good as they did the day they were installed. We are so confident of these qualities that we have backed them with a 20-year warranty.

To top it all off, our composite shutters are also flame retardant, so give us a call when you are ready to replace your window coverings.